~The Story~

Meet SriDhar, Venilla, and Anbalagan -- Founders of The Daily Bean

These three grew up as siblings in a model children’s home in Bangalore. This large family was a source of continual encouragement and support to them throughout their childhood and college years.  They all agreed that they wanted to somehow pour back into this loving home.  


They were raised from a young age with the motto, ‘You are blessed to be a blessing to others.’   In college and business school, they began dreaming of ways to support the home where they grew up and their many younger siblings.  


Combining Venilla’s love of baking, and Sridhar’s and Anbalagans’ love of business, they came up with the idea to start a small café.  With the help of an entrepreneurial scholarship, and lots of support from the community, the vision for The Daily Bean began to take shape.


It truly is a family affair, with volunteers from the community, family friends, and the artistic talents and hard work from other young people in the home, The Daily Bean went from an abstract dream to a concrete reality.  


Apart from these beautiful beginnings, the owners of The Daily Bean are committed to excellence and quality.  Walk around and see the incredible attention to detail. The décor and ambience was designed not by store-bought furnishings, but was created with the hard work, ingenuity, resourcefulness within the large and imaginative family.


The menu items are baked fresh daily by Chef Venilla and team.  Only the finest ingredients are used, sourced locally through neighborhood dairy suppliers and farms.  Every single item is hand crafted and created with excellence.


Know that when you choose to visit TDB, not only are you guaranteed  fresh, delicious, high quality food and drinks; but you’re also helping to support the work of the children’s home where these amazing young people grew up.

The Daily Bean

Established On:   13th December 2017

Bangalore, India


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